Karl Kawachi

One of the King Pins' most loyal and devoted fans, Karl would often come up on stage and sit in for a song or two with his guitar, usually playing the song "Miserlou".
Karl was a whiz with trivia of all kinds, and could entertain you for hours with his in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.
We're going to miss you, Karl!

Sharon Miyaguchi Harvey

The King Pins' Band Mom, roadie, official member and special friend.
We will miss you, Sharon.

Rest in peace....when you're not dancing up a storm!

"She now dances with the angels. Her spotlight is the sun.
With wings of fire flaming, in the light that she's become." - Harvey Yamauchi

Hey Sharon, Last time I saw you was at our gig couple weeks ago. I just got my good night hug from you and you said "I'm going to miss you guys". Well....I'm going to miss you, too. Maybe we can get together again on that big dance floor in the sky. I'll see you in your red and black dress and we can have another dance together! See you then.... - Harvey Yoshioka

The warm smile, loving hug, caring heart and giving soul. You will surely be missed, Sharon. Love you. - Brad Choi

Thomas Alexander Burningham, III

Dobbs was an integral part of the King Pins for many years. His rock solid drumming combined with his unique vocal style served to keep the King Pins at the top of the genre. Unfortunately, he left us much too soon. His passing on April 14th, 2012 will leave an empty spot in the hearts of all who knew and loved him!

Rest in Peace, brother Dobbs.

RIP Dobbs! Gonna miss you BIG TIME. - Agnes Nakasone

One of my all time favorite jazz drummers. Used to jam with him and a bunch of other guys at Leeward Community College.... back in '71. Recently we (me, Bob, and Ernie) invited him to be our principle drummer. Then I promptly announced to him that I was taking a sabbatical so I could go back to school. He was like..... "Oook.. Kaaaaayyyyy...." I loved the guy. I will miss him much. - Miles Lee

Dear Dobbs, you will always be in our hearts. The band in heaven just got a wonderful drummer. - Dani Emoto

We lost a great drummer. Miss you, Dobbs. - Stuart Suzuki

He always had a great big smile for me...RIP - Willow Blake

Rest in Peace, Dobbs. You always made me laugh, I'll never forget you. Drummers have a special spot in heaven :' ( - Jan Yamamoto Heiser

RIP Dobbs!! Going to miss you!! - Sharon Miyaguchi Harvey

R.I.P. and God Bless for sharing your talent with all of us - Milt Kubo

I really enjoyed playing with Dobbs. It seems like the bass player and the drummer always have a little extra special bond between them. Probably comes with sharing the abuse from the other band members and trying to hold the rhythm against impossible odds (and time-challenged guitarists). Plus we were fellow alums from Kamehameha. I have a lot of hilarious memories of Dobbs. I remember driving him to and from gigs for several weeks when his car broke down. We had so much equipment wedged into my car that we had to stack some of it on his lap. When I pulled into his driveway to unload, I would have to go around and open his door and then pull everything off him so he could get out. There were the times when he forgot equipment and had to leave the gig (usually with Yoshioka who had the keys to Harry's Music Store and could grab cymbals, kick pedals, high hat stands, or whatever was missing and then return at warp speed). And then there's the famous story of the CAR KEYS in the parking lot outside Hawaiian Brians. If you don't know this one, come ask me sometime. You won't believe it, but it really happened. I can't even think about it without laughing to myself. Peace out and Rock On Dobbs! It was my privilege to share the stage with you. - Randall Rosenberg

I loved playing with him and his sense of humor cracked me up so many times. Aloha, my bruddah...missing you. Until we meet again. - Harvey Yamauchi

...shared a few gigs with Dobbs in the past. He helped me out when a drummer canceled out on Farringtons class reunion last year. He did a great job as a sub. Gonna miss him and his talents. RIP Dobbs! - Bert Higa

Rest in peace Dobbs Burningham! Going to miss you. - Glenn Nishida

Words can't express how much we will miss Dobbs. Such a wonderful guy. I consider myself lucky to have known him and play music with him. Rest in peace my friend. - Bob Hassett

Dobbs was such a gentle man...I'll miss his smile & the fun times! Won't be the same without him! - Gail Kiyama Ohashi

The last time I saw Dobbs was up at Terry's Place, backing up Miles Lee. His usual infectious smile was beaming from his face, and all was right with the world that night. That's how I will always remember Dobbs.... great drummer, super nice and humble guy, singlehandedly keeping Leo at Drummers Warehouse afloat, among other things. God needed him to be somewhere else, I guess. Rest well, Dobbs. Please tell Buddy I said "howzit". - Brad Choi

Dobbs, you will surely be missed! Thanks for all the entertainment you provided to all of us! - Nevin Harada

Farewell, Dobbs, old friend. We will always remember you, and your happy smile. - Gareth Au

Miss u brah! What an awesome act u were. RIP! - Patrick Koh

I cherished his friendship, professionalism and gentle spirit. I will forever remember his greatness in those ways. - Randy Hoo