Name: Brad "The Gimp" Choi

(Brad has played with the King Pins twice before, but is back permanently - until Harvey fires him again!)

Equipment: GimpHelper model DW-3 deluxe walker.

Current Band: the mighty (but rapidly aging) King Pins!

Previous Bands: Greenwood, Highway, High Voltage, Joe's Bar and Grill, SRO Band, Eclipse, Ke Ope Ono, Summer, Imua, Keahiwai, Royal Kunia Street Band, J. Michaels Band, Powerhouse, Dave Young Band.

Day Job: Administrative Assistant.

Night Job: Drummer and court jester.

Hobbies: Hacking webpages for a certain Rock band.

Turn ons: When his feet and/or knees don't hurt.

Turn offs: All other times.

Favorite Song: Show Me The Way to Go Home.

Favorite TV Show: CSI Kalihi - Geriatric Patrol.

Favorite Food: Anything that doesn't make his gout flare up.

Favorite Saying: "Nah.... I'll pass."