Name: Randall "Big Papi" Rosenberg

Equipment: Roscoe 5 String bass (Pale Moon Ebony top and headstock), Dingwall 5 String bass, Fender American 4 String Jazz bass, Ernie Ball Stingray 4 String bass, Evidence Audio instrument cable, Epifani 2-12 cab, Ampeg Pro 4 amp, Genz Benz 600 amp.

Effects: Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal, Shure wireless instrument system.

Past Bands: Slip and Fall, The Stingrays, Na Hihimanu

Day Job: Successful Personal Injury Attorney at Rosenberg McKay Hoffman (Been injured? Call me! 536-4270.)

Night Job: Babysitting a bunch of old geezers known as the King Pins.

Hobbies: Coaching high level youth soccer, restoring a 1963 Corvette for the past 20 years (I'll finish it someday), and Rock 'n Roll!

Turn Ons: Single Barrel Bourbon, smooth grooves, crowded dance floors.

Turn Offs: Karaoke bands (you know who you are), minimally talented guitarists.

Favorite Quote: The bass player rules!

Favorite Bassists: Louis Johnson, Flea, Sting, McCartney, Bootsie, Wooten, Clarke

Favorite Song: Slow Ride (Foghat)

Favorite Band: Doobie Brothers