Lance Tigner

Lance has moved back to Washington state to care for his Mom. What a good son!

Harvey Yoshioka

Harvey was relocated by his employer (Naval Shipyard), and now lives in Japan. Lucky guy!

Sanford "San-Man" Lee

AKA "Monkey Boy". Sanford left the band due to health reasons. Hanging around with the band was bad for his health!!!!

Glenn "No Show" Nishida

AKA "Bobo". Originally left the band and was let back in. Since then, he has not shown up for a single gig or rehearsal. He's fired... AGAIN!

Randy Ruff

Former keyboardist and singer. The "rock star" of the band. Randy went on to pursue other interests... while being pursued by hoardes of women!

Mike "Daredevil" Smith

Former keyboardist and singer extraordinaire, he once leaped to catch a runaway cell phone and caught it before it fell in the ocean! Thus, the name "Daredevil". Mike lives on the mainland now and fights crime there.

Dwayne "B3 master" Higa

One of the original King Pins, Dwayne's busy schedule with many different Honolulu-based bands, required him to retire from the King Pins. An experienced musician on keyboards or bass, Dwayne still fills in with The King Pins when his talents are needed.

Rodger "I forgot my..." Hoffman

Rodger was an active King Pin for two years. Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule (as a successful Attorney), he has had to take a "leave of absence" from the band.

Dylan "Junior Rage" Yamauchi

Plays trumpet with the band on occasion. Son of Daddy Rage and much better looking. (Favorite saying) "Feed me!"

Noah "T.L." Rosenberg

Son of Rufus Rosenberg, Noah's the youngest of The King Pins' fill-in musicians. He's been playing drums since he was 3, and now he has nearly reached his goal of rock world domination. Popular with the ladies (unlike his father), Noah's style and class are a welcome (and badly needed) addition to The King Pins....(too bad he doesn't play bass!) By the way, his nickname, "T.L." stands for "Turkey Leg," Noah's favorite food!

Nathan "Too Cool" Nishida

Son of Glenn "BOBO" Nishida. (Pity!)
He has been playing drums since he was 12 years old. He plays in his own band called ? no name yet... He loves Retro Rock and Jazz And is single, and recently become an RN at Queen's! Go Nate!