Name: Harvey "Daddy Rage" Yamauchi

Equipment: Suzuki Harmonicas, PRS Custom 24, Suhr, Fender '52 Telecaster Re-issue, Gibson Chet Atkins Electric, Ovation Adamas 12 String & Collector, Takamine Acoustic, Kamaka Tiple, 8 string and custom tenor uke

Effects: Too many to mention

Previous Bands: The Sting Rays, Electric Fish & The Tofu Factory, Onlookers, Sounds Unlimited, Makena, Na Hihimanu, Casual Attire.

Day Job: Retired (Yeah baby!)

Night Job: Stalker.

Favorite Singers: Wilson Pickett, Joe Cocker.

Favorite Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix.

Turn Ons: Elvira..Mistress of the Dark (What a babe!)

Turn Offs: The other guys in the band!.

Favorite Saying: "Brad, you're fired...AGAIN!"

Favorite Song: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, & most any ZZ Top, Iron Butterfly and Jimi Hendrix song.

Dream Instruments: Pretty much got what I want.